Heath Services

Providing sea can moving and sea can delivery services since 2013.

Heath prides itself in having the largest gooseneck tilt-deck fleet in Alberta.

Heath Specialty Services specializes in sea can moving and delivery, shipping container moving and delivery and storage container moving and delivery. We use one ton dually pick up trucks and gooseneck tilt-decks to move and deliver 20’ and 40’ sea cans throughout Western Canada. With bases in both Edmonton and Calgary, we are the only company that delivers 20’ sea cans on small tilt deck trailers rather than deck trucks. We can accommodate most deliveries within a few days.

Heath is able to move 6’ to 45’ sea cans, shipping containers and storage containers.
UNLOADED or LOADED (handling most reasonable weights).

40′ and 20′ Types:

  • Standard
  • High Cube
  • Skidded
  • Tool Crib
  • Modified
  • Office
  • Refrigerated
  • Hard Top
  • Open Side
  • Open Top

For peace of mind professional service contact us at (780) 231-5321 for immediate response or heathspecialtyservices@gmail.com for a free no obligation quote. The most accurate quote can be accomplished by pinning your location, or using LSD quadrants. Heath can get to the most remote places or maneuver into tight spaces. Call us now for our reasonable hourly rates. We charge for length of time on site only, your price is your price!

Looking for sea can moving or relocation services on site? Relocations include picking the sea can from the ground and moving it to a completely new destination or just simply moving the container from one area to another of your yard or property. We make it our business to ensure you are completely satisfied with the placement of your sea can. Contact us today to get a quote on your sea can move!

Any seasonal transports are possible since we have the technology to lift containers off the ground even if the location is snowy or your sea can/storage container is frozen to the ground. Reasonable hourly rates apply.

Most importantly we don’t sell or rent sea can containers. Heath proudly hauls for everyone! Our top priority is to transport your sea cans and shipping/storage containers to your individualized locations such as plants, work sites, acreages, farms, businesses, sea can depots, downtown and residential homes.

Basic Delivery location requirements:

  • Free of mud or snow
  • Minimum space of 90 feet total for truck and trailer to maneuver for 40′ sea cans and 70 feet total for 20′ sea can
  • Minimum height of 13 feet for any size sea can
  • Levelled ground
  • Clean of debris
  • No overhead power lines
  • Notify us regarding underground systems such as wells or septic tanks, environmental obstacles such as trees and bushes, man-made objects such as fences and gates.

A well prepared site insures you the lowest price and exact drop location.